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Music is moods, I've heard one of my colleagues say. You listen to a song based on how you feel at the moment, and how you want to feel. To do this you either sing yourself, or plug into your phone to listen to something that will reflect or complement your state of mind. I myself have made a hobby out of gradually collecting earphones to listen to songs that I like. Given below are some of those earphones I use on a regular basis.

1. Motorola E4 Handsfree.

This is a earphones set that came with the phone I bought. And it is pretty decent with a slim mic piece and call button. The sound is slightly better than the ones offered by Samsung. And they are also very comfortable. But the only issue with these are that, at high listening volume it is audible to those around you, especially in a work setting.

2. Sony MDR-XB30EX In-Ear Extra Bass Earphones

I bought these in 2015 and they still feel like new. The build quality on these are just amazing. These are really comfy in-ear phones which focus more on bass and less on tone of voice (relatively). It gives you really good passive noise cancelling with great comfort. And the best thing about this is, even at high listening volumes, it won't be audible to even the people sitting next to you in a library! These are pretty affordable and have great build quality.

3. TaoTronics

TT-EP002 Active Noise Cancellation.

These are the best earphones I have in my collection. And when compared to its functional alternatives in other brands, it is inexpensive. Firstly they are active noise cancelling

earphones which means it continuously takes in ambient noise and plays it back in reverse (the sound played back is 180 out of phase with input noise). Thus it effectively "cancels" out noise around a certain radius. Mics are built into each earphone which are used only to take in ambient noise. There is an interesting looking box which makes all this happen instantly, without any lag.

Coming to the sound quality, it is simply amazing. The bass as well as the tone of voice are equally good. It is really comfortable to wear for longer periods as well. There is a switch toggle that turns the noise cancellation on and off, and another button that disables the mode without using the toggle, to listen to others speaking. But when the button is pressed the volume becomes really feeble.

The active noise cancellation is so good in this that -most friends who tried this said they couldn't hear anything near them with the noise cancellation on!


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