Into The Spiderverse: All the Spider-Man Movie Franchises till date

Updated: Apr 2

The other day my friend was having trouble with separating one Spider-Man Franchise from the other. It took some time, but I finally managed to untangle them for him. As an unofficial Marvel Evangelist, I'd like to educate others regarding this as well.

1. Played by Tobey Maguire/ Directed by Sam Riami (2002-2007)

This is the first time Spider-Man was introduced to the audience. The film focused on origins of Spider-Man in detail. It was new and entertaining. Tobey Maguire did justice to the role and the special effects were really good. The sequels that followed got better in every way. The Black suit look in the third sequel along with the great background score were really great.

2. Played by Andrew Garfield/ Directed by Marc Webb (2012-2014)

After his role as the co-founder of Facebook on "The Social Network" Andrew Garfield donned those scared red tights to become "The Amazing Spider-Man". After seeing Tobey Maguire all those years, Andrew Garfield was a welcome change. This taller version of the wall crawler was also well received by the audience. The effects were pretty good too. The sequel unfortunately flopped, which gets my goat till date. The soundtrack and background score was as electrifying as the villain, the effects were simply fantastic. It even had the green Goblin make an appearance.

3. Played by Tom Holland/ Directed by Jon Watts (2017)

This is the one that most people watched because it was to be a part of the great MCU! According to me this movie basically just coasted on RDJ's flawless Tony Stark/Iron Man and everything that's attached to it. But Michael Keaton gave a solid performance in this with his "I'll kill you dead!" He was the Vulture who scavenged tech from all the previous Marvel movies making them into arms and ammo.

As a stand alone Spider-Man Movie I think "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is the best hands down. With the MCU surfing Tom Holland starrer coming in a distant second.

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